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As one of the largest professional non-toxic metallic stearate manufacturers in world – BELIKE Chemical Co., Ltd. specializes in supplying zinc stearate, calcium staerate and magnesium stearate. Our yearly total output of non-toxic metallic stearate and heat stabilizer is 30,000 metric tons. Our company has been awarded with ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification. Furthermore, all our products are biodegradable and environmental-friendly, meeting RoHS and other international standards. They are supported with Material Safety Data Sheets and Certificates of Analysis. Currently, our products sell well in China markets, Vietnam and Indian markets.

Our company’s tenet: Serving customers by professional spirit! We welcome customers to contact us and visit our factory!

Our representative Customers:Taibo paint, Nippon paint, SHELL Petrochemical, Clariant(GuangZhou) Masterbatch, Dow Chemical,Total Petrochemical, etc.

Application of Zinc Stearate,Calcium Stearate and Magnesium Stearate :

Paint and Coating
Used as lubricant and abrading agents

Abrasive Paper
Used as lubricant and sanding sealers

PVC Processing
The main application is in rigid PVC compounds. Calcium stearate is used in combination with zinc stearate in non-toxic stabilizers .

Polyethylene and Polypropylene Manufacturing and Processing
Utilized mainly as an acid acceptor and lubricant .

Polyamides and Polycarbonates
Used as lubricant to improve fluidity.

Used as internal lubricant

Polystyrene H.I. and Expandable
Internal and external lubricant

Latex and Rubber Process
Used as anti-blocking agents

Building Materials
Applied as hydrophobic agent in mortars and plasters

Food and Feed
Used as anti-caking agents

Other Products Available from BELIKE Chemical Co., Ltd.
*Non-toxic heat stabilizer MT-F609, MT-F610, and MT-F611
*Flocking adhesives
*Textile printing bond
* Package printing coating: oil based varnish and water based glazing oil
* Oil based varnish

ENV heat-seal varnish BSY-611
Blister varnish BSY-318
ENV calendaring varnish BSY-318-4
Rub resistance matte coating BSY-418
Rub resistance coating BSY-411

* Water based glazing oil
High glossy water based varnish BSY–304
High rub resistance water based varnish BSY–320
Water based matte varnish BSY–306

Zinc stearate,calcium stearate,magnesium stearate,stearate,PE WAX

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Contact Person:Ms. carmen cao
Company Name: BELIKE Chemical Co., Ltd.
Street Address: MINZHONG TOWN
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