Chongqing Taiyue Technology Company Limited

Chongqing Taiyue Technology Company Limited is a high-tech enterprise whose business scope covers the research & development, production and sale of chemicals.

Our company is one of the main PVC thermal stabilizer manufacturers in China, mainly engaged in the production and sale of novel and highly efficient stabilizers, with an annual production capacity of nearly 10,000 tons. Our products sell well in domestic and overseas markets. Our company has state-of-the-art manufacture equipment, advanced synthesis technology, excellent raw materials and reliable quality guarantee system. All these make our Elephant Brand stabilizers of obvious advantages both in price and quality over the goods of many other companies. We can develop and provide special compound stabilizers as per customers’ requirements, and also provide technical consultation and services. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with customers from anywhere for mutual development.

Human-oriented and ceaseless technical innovation is the essence of our enterprise culture. Particularly, successfully leaguing some distinguished experts in the lines of PVC stabilizers and PVC processing and cooperating with prestige domestic universities have reinforced our competence of technical innovation and technical services and helped us keep ahead in the industry. We have several Chinese patents. We zealously welcome elites in PVC fields as we always do.

Our motto is “Taking credit and quality as the ground for standing and root for growing, and technical innovation as the life of our company”.

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