Hangzhou Westlake Biomaterial Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Westlake Biomaterial Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou which is called “paradise city”. We have nearly 20 years’ history in producing orthodontic products and are one of the earliest high-tech enterprises. Our company always pays lots of attention to cooperate with domestic famous colleges and experts in technique development.

In recent years, we have invented more than 20 kinds of registration products. Our main products are as follows: orthodontic bracket, transparent bracket, bionic bracket, orthodontic band, orthodontic stainless steel straight wire and arch wire, nitinol arch wire, coil spring, orthodontic micro implant, carbon & quartz fiber post, dental screw post, and dental retention pin. Our products are both excellent in quality and affordable in price. So they are widely exported to more than 20 foreign countries besides in China market.

The tenet of our company is “found on technique and purpose on service.” The objective of our company is to exceed the advanced technique level of the world and establish a high-class orthodontic material national enterprise in China as well as in the world.

Main Products: Orthodontics,Orthodontic bands,Buccal Tubes,Orthodontic adhesives,Orthodontic brackets

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Address:No.3 Straight Street, Qinglong Bridge, Hangzhou, China.
Company Name: Hangzhou Westlake Biomaterial Co., Ltd.
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