Hangzhou Zhangshitonghe Shoes Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Zhangshitonghe Shoes Company LTD is locacted in the famous beautiful city – Hangzhou, Capital of Zhejiang Province, near the West Lake. Formerly,she was call “Kaixuan Shoes Factory”, the third leading company in shoe-making. At 1997, the sated-own facotory was restructuring into joint-stock cooperative enterprises – “Zhangshitonghe”, she has her own great reputation and better management system. From only a shoe-maker plant, she developed into a large enterprise of diversified business with Casual Shoes, Hospital shoes, Safety Shoes, Worker dress, Fashionable Dress etc, from a clients and one dollar to thousands clients and ten of millions worth of fixed asset, the regiment’s motto was “Customers first, Clients are the parents”. Our shoes are not only accepted by our own country, them exported to Singarpore, America, Canada, Russia so far.

Zhangshitonghe and her shoes sold all over the East China, the company network throughout the Hainan, Qi Qi Ha Er – the most north of Heilongjiang, Xigaze and Kelamyi – the most west of China.

Zhangshitonghe Shoes Company LTD focus on the strategy of people-oriented and technology leadership, when we develope the enterprise we cultivate and train talents continuously. Our technicians have took a chance to Zhejiang Light Industry Institude for training and study, those ensure us can solve the new questions accompany with our developement, that have a good effect on enhance the competitiveness of the company. We have the famous and professional shoe maker – Xu Fu’an, he earn respect and have a great reputation that he has made shoes for our honored country leader Deng Xiaoping, Chen Yun, Jiang Hua etc.

We also pay more attention on the integrated and manage talents. Now, we have intermediate technician 9, graduated and College diploma or above 6.

Nsursing Association, Zhejiang Province issued the trust certificate of quality of for our nursing shoes.

Because of the high quality on safety shoes, “National Technical Insepction Bureau” issued “Security Certificate” and “National Industrial Products License”. Also Tonghe allowed to be the member of Security Association, National Texitile Labor Supplies and Shanghai Labor Supplies.

At end of 1990s, Tonghe was restructuring into joint-stock cooperative enterprises, but her belief was not change. Taking more safety shoes across the oceans, she supply the products to Singaporeans, American, Canadian, Rusian and European. There is not the end, we are striving ……

Main Products: Safety Shoes,Safety Boots,Nurse Shoes,Rain Boots,Goodyear Shoes
Other Products/Services: safety shoes,safety boots,working shoes,nurse shoes,rubber outsole shoes,PU injuected shoes,Goodyear shoes,footwear,safety footwear

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