Jiangdu Dajiang Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.

Jiangdu Dajiang Chemical Factory was founded in Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China in 1988. Since our establishment, we have grown to become a leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier of polyurethane catalysts and our customers include many large, well-known corporations as well as numerous midsize companies.

We focus on the manufacture of specialty catalysts for rigid foam, flexible foam, microcellular/shoe sole systems and fire retardants. With senior management personally involved in the company’s day-to-day operations, our success is built on the simple premise of providing the highest quality products backed by strong technical expertise.

Quality and continuous improvement are a way of life at Jiangdu Dajiang Chemical Factory and we promise to offer clients reasonable prices, honest service and the willingness and flexibility to be responsive to their individual requests. It is our primary objective is to ensure that our products and supporting services meet customers’ highest expectations and we invite interested parties to contact us.

Polyurethane catalysts,DMCHA,BDMA,DMP-30,A-1,DMDEE,PMDETA,TMEDA,Bis (dimethylaminopropyl) methylamine,DMAPA,BCEE,N-methylmorpholine,additives for epoxy resin,DADPM,MXDA,mPDA,DACH,DEAPA,DCD

Contact Information
Contact Person:
Mr. Li Yujiang
Company Name: Jiangdu Dajiang Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.
Street Address: Flower Nursery Farm, Yiling Town
City: Jiangdu
Province/State: Jiangsu
Telephone:86-514-8656 9888
Mobile Phone: 1390 525 1632
Fax: 86-514-8656 9666