Jinan Wellda Trade Co., Ltd.

About Jinan Wellda Trade Co., Ltd.
We are a comprehensive industrial and trading enterprise, specializing in supplying buyers from around the world with reliable baby items and children’s products.

Our Product Range
Our goods include baby bibs, baby bedding sets, baby quilts, bed covers, bed sheets, pillows, cushions, hooded towels, bath accessories and more. We offer embroidered, woven and patchwork designs made by both hand and machine. Our material options include cotton, polyester and bamboo fiber. Our products are sold to North America, Europe, Japan, the Middle East and Australia.

Our Advantage
Owing to our specialized knowledge and practical experience, we are confident in our ability to provide the most efficient service to our client. We have our own factory to do your OEM orders, no matter how small it is. Also with our network of factories, we have the capability to manufacture products that are customized for each client, no matter the size of the project. It is our goal to bring you the best quality product at reasonable price.

Employment and the Workplace

Equal Employment Opportunity/Nondiscrimination
We believe that all terms and conditions of employment should be based on an individual’s ability to do the job and not on the basis of personal characteristics or beliefs. We provide employees with a working environment free of discrimination, harassment, intimidation or coercion relating directly or indirectly to race, religion, sexual orientation, political opinion or disability.

Forced Labour
We do not use any prisoner, slave, or indentured / forced labor in the manufacture of any of our products.

Child Labour
We do not utilize child labor in the production of any product. We do not employ any person under the age of 15 (or 14 where local law allows), or the age at which compulsory schooling has ended, whichever is greater.

Hours of Labour
We maintain reasonable employee working hours based on the limits on regular and overtime hours allowed by local law, or where local law does not limit the hours of work, the regular work week. Overtime, when necessary, is fully compensated according to local law or at a rate at least equal to the regular hourly compensation rate if there is no legally prescribed premium rate. Employees are permitted reasonable days off (at least one day off in every seven-day period) and leave privileges.

Coercion and Harassment
We acknowledge the value of our staff and treat each employee with dignity and respect. We do not use cruel and unusual disciplinary practices such as threats of violence or other forms of physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse.

Health and Safety
We maintain a safe, clean and healthy environment in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. We provide adequate medical facilities, clean restrooms, reasonable access to potable water, well-lit and ventilated workstations, and protection from hazardous materials or conditions. The same standards of health and safety are applied in any housing we provide for our employees.

Concern for the Environment

We believe it is our duty to protect the environment and we do this by complying with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Ethical Business Practices

Sensitive Transactions
It is our policy to prohibit employees from entering into sensitive transactions — business dealings generally considered to be illegal / immoral / unethical or to reflect adversely on the integrity of our company. These transactions usually come in the form of bribes, kickbacks, gifts of significant value or payoffs made to favorably influence some decision affecting a company’s business or for personal gain.

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Contact Information
Contact Person:Ms. Karen Wang
Company Name: Jinan Wellda Trade Co., Ltd.
Street Address: 1-202, Building 17, Jintianyuan, Luoan Street 48, Jinan, China
City: Jinan
Province/State: Shandong
Mobile Phone: 13583158054
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