We are a Non-Ferrous Metal manufacturing company based in Delhi. We produce following metals;
Lead, Lead Alloys and Lead Oxides
Pure Tin as per LME specs 99. 85% and above
Aluminum Alloys
Copper Bus bar and profiles
Silver and Bi Metal Contacts
Sputtering Targets
We export pure Lead 99. 99% and 99. 97% , Lead Alloys (mainly Selenium Lead Alloy, Silver Lead Alloy, Cadmium Lead Alloy, Calcium Lead Alloy, Tin Lead Alloy, Antimony Lead Alloy etc) , Lead Shots,
Tin purity 99. 85% and abov, tin wire, brazing alloys, soldering alloys. All products are customer specific product.
We produce large variety of Aluminum Alloys like ADC 12, AC4B, DIN 336, LM 24 etc.
Copper bus bar, upcaster wire rods and profiles. We offer a large variety of Copper bus bar in thickness ranging from 2. 00 mm-20 mm. With minimum cross section area of 75 mm square for switchgear, trasformer and electrical applications.
We can provide copper rod / wire in diameter 8. 00 mm-25. 00 mm upcaster rods. We also have facility to produce customer specific designs of copper profiles.
Electrical contacts for industrial and power equipment.
Bi metal contact of Silver Cadmium Oxide,
Silver Alloys
Silver Inlaid Copper
Rivets-of pure silver, Ag / Ni, . Ag / Cdo on electrolytic copper.
Our standered discs, blanks & can be supplied in any thickness

Pure Tin ingots,Tin-Lead Solder Alloys,Copper Bus Bar Rods & Profiles,Remelted Lead Ingots,Rivates & Bi metal contacts,Litharge,Lead Calcium Alloy,Antimony Alloys,aluminium alloy ingots,Lead Tellurium Alloy,Yellow Oxide,Lead Tilerium Alloys,Sputtering Targets,Lead Oxide,HS1S,ADC 12,LM 24,ALSI 132,LM 6,AC4B

Contact Information
Contact Person:Mr. Harsh Sood
Street Address: 138-139, Main Road Ghazipur,
City: New Delhi
Province/State: Delhi
Country/Region: India
Mobile Phone: 09212221516
Fax: 91-11-47109193