We were established in 1999, and our customers are throughout Taiwan area, Southeast Asia and Europe. Our services include assembling cars and motorcycles and trading of spare parts. We provide quality products for export at competitive prices to aid our customers for better beneficial results. We operate in accordance with the established quality standard and endeavor to provide the best after sales services to our customers. We are very proud of our reputation on reliable quality we have built for over 10 years among domestic and foreign customers.

We develop innovative brands from just being an OEM manufacturer, to such an extent to the motorcycle industry in Taiwan area. We nowadays possess independent technology and complete supply chain. The total Taiwanese population now is approximately 23 million people; total motor vehicle registration is approximately 14.4 million; and the statistics of recycle vehicles is approximately 300,000 units annually. Due to more and more attention to environmental protection has become an international trend, recycling used vehicles for reuse and reselling with good status has promoted resource reuse and nurtured the environmental protection industry. Our company holds this principle and found a green and new world for the motor vehicle market in Taiwan.

Being a customer and an environmental protection oriented company, we endeavor to provide better and better value-added services to our customers and our earth. With focus on international market, we provide top quality products, excellent services and offer the most competitive prices to you as a wise buyer.

Main Products: New scooters,used scooters,spare parts,customized parts,motorcycles accessories

Contact Person
Ms. Janice Liu
Sales manager
Mobile Phone:886-937-512-911
Address:NO.20,Sec.8, Yenping N.Rd,Shihlin District,Tapipei City 11174,Taiwan(R.O.C)
City:Taipei City
Company Name: Motofun
Operational Address: No. 20, Sec. 8, Yanping N. Rd., Taipei City, Taiwan