Ningbo Wanjitagao Electronics Co., Ltd.

Along with the times gone, high level scientific and technical developed by leaps and bounds, The company,Ningbo Wanjitegao Electronics Co., Ltd is developing every year depending on our all staffs working hard with one heart although the domestic and international market are more and more competitive since it was set up.The company’s target is to match the customer’s requirement and produce new products continuously with top quality according to the “ISO9001” standard. Also inherits the following quality policy:Professional Top quality,meeting customers’requirement.
In recent years,the all customers.Old and new ,all of the world are satisfied with our related products depending on our systematization,standardization and mass production.In the future,the company will continue to promote enterprise’s spirits:unity,practicality and efficiency to explore the domestic and international market.
We promised:we provide all customers with best quality,best price and best srevice all times.We believe:Tomorrow will be better and better with your support and our working hard.
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Main Products: Terminal Block

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Mr. Miao Cen
General Manager
Mobile Phone:13685718983
Address:No. 6 Floor, Jinheng Office Building, North Road, Gutang Subdist., Cixi City
Company Name: Ningbo Wanjitagao Electronics Co., Ltd.
Operational Address: No. 380, Xinyuan Village, Xiaolin Town, Cixi, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Telephone: 0574-23689599
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