Scotia Industries Corporation

We have been a small and reliable trading company in Taiwan area since 1988. We can supply you with all kinds of logos and “Tiger” logos (our own brand) of used clothing from Taiwan area or Hong Kong to any countries.

We will supply the following products worldwide.
1. Taiwanese Mixed Products (100KG) – A Grade adult, children and ladies’ summer wear except long pants. The products are the most popular items in Africa and Cambodia.
2. Blankets (80KG)
3. Bed Sheets (100KG)
4. Children Track Wear (100KG)
5. Adult Track Wear (100KG)
6. Toys (50KG)
7. Pair Socks (100KG)
8. Quilt Blankets (80KG)
9. Textile Products (100KG)
10. Scarves / Gloves / Winter Caps (80KG)
11. Mixed Bags (80KG)
12. Men’s Tropical Pants (100KG)
13. Leather Jackets (100KG)
14. Men’s Jeans / Cotton Pants (100KG)
15. Ladies’ Jeans / Cotton Pants (100KG)
16. Ladies’ Tropical Pants (100KG)
17. Ladies’ Bras (100KG)
18. Ladies’ Panties (100KG)
19. Shoes (80KG)
20. Towels (100KG)
21. Children’s Winter Wear (100KG)
22. Children’s Summer Wear (100KG) – B Grade
23. House Hold Rummages (100KG)
24. Ladies Velvet Wear (100KG)
25. Nylon Sports Pants (100KG)
26. Men’s Color T-Shirts (100KG) – B Grade
27. Men’s Polo Shirts (100KG) -B Grade
28. Army Uniforms (100KG)
29. Adult Sweat Pants (100KG)
30. Adult Sweat Wear (100KG)
31. Adult Sweat Pants and Wear Together (100KG)
32. Ladies’ Knitting Wear (100KG)
33. Ladies’ Silk Wear (100KG)
34. Children’s Zipper Jackets (100KG)
35. Adult Zipper Jackets (100KG)
36. Fleece (100KG)
37. Men’s Corduroy Pants (100KG)
38. Adult Sweaters (80KG)
39. Children’s Sweaters (80KG)
40. Uncut Rags (100KG)
41. Summer Caps (100KG)

Used clothing,second hand clothing

Contact Information
Contact Person:Mr. Jeff Yang
Company Name: Scotia Industries Corporation
Street Address: 4F., No.365, Dacheng Rd., Shulin City, Taipei County 238, Taiwan
City: Taipei
Country/Region: Taiwan
Mobile Phone: 886-910-111-255
Fax: 886-2-26809011