SHENZHEN RAMI ELECTRONICS LTD. ,established in 2008,is a high-tech company which is specialized in the designing, manufacturing and selling RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) and Biometric Identification Technology products.We can offer all the service including designing. developing and system assemble of RFID related products (smart card,RFID tag,reader/writer,antenna),we can customize RFID card/tag with different size,use different material to package the chip as customer ‘s request. Continue reading SICHAN FURNITURE CO LTD

Shanghai D.C. Corp.

Founded in 1996, D. C. Co. is a professional manufacturer specializing in PVC card making materials and consumables, digital printing materials and products, and related machines for PVC card making. Our products can be easily printed by inkjet printing, laser printing, digital printing, offset printing without UV ink and offset printing with UV ink. Our products are widely used in PVC card printing and making, card personalization, photo industry, drawing and painting, advertising industry, large-format printing an digital printing industry. Continue reading Shanghai D.C. Corp.

Shenzhen Delicacy Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Delicacy Technology Co., Ltd. (short for Delicacy) is a manufacturer which specializes in the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

We mainly provide customers with UHF 902-928MHz readers/writers, active and passive electronic labels and various application solutions. Our products are applied in various fields, such as vehicle management, personnel management and logistics management. Continue reading Shenzhen Delicacy Technology Co., Ltd.