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During the era of Great Leap Forward, Da Fu Rubber Company designed and produced a kind of civil Jiefang shoes known as “FEIYUE” in 1958, which was registered by the National Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and the registration No. was 27551.

The modification of the cloth-bound rubber shoes “FEIYUE Shoes” officially entered the market in 1959. In 1963, using Pinyin FEIYUE and double arrow-labeled on vamp of “FEIYUE track and field”, “FEIYUE” became the best-seller with the output of 1,616,000 pairs, which is also prevailing in the market today. Later, in 1963, 1977, 1985. The classic rubber shoes successively received Shanghai-level and the national-level awards of footwear. National famous indoor football coache Xu Genbao and player Qi Hong Participated in the contests wearing “FEIYUE track and field”. In 1978 the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People’s Republic of China resumed to work, cleaning up the country’s registered trademarks, and resumed the unified registration of trademark in November, 1979. In 1980, “FEIYUE” was re-registrated as a trademark among the then old generation of brands, the registration No. was 101303, the representation of the trademark. “FEIYUE” sports shoes was awarded as “Shanghai’s brand-name products” more than one time since 1980s. However, due to the original trademark holder Da Fu Rubber Stock Co. Ltd. Reorganizing its assets, Shuang Qian Group Co. Ltd. Held the brand from September, 2009 and authorized the Shanghai Sheng Long Shoes Co. Ltd. to use and manage the brand.

“FEIYUE track and field”, with the narrow waist, wide forefoot, the head was wrapped by curved inside lining and the surface was wrapped by needle lines (aim to protect the toes and increase the elastic of head), thick foam insole, serrated-patterned sole, had the high ability of grip and skid preventation, which were necessitous characteristics for athletic sports such as run or jump, rapid stop, etc. Today’s beautiful design of vamp is following the design using Pinyin FEIYUE uppers and double arrow labeled “FEIYUE track and field” since the 1960s. On the base of above-mentioned characteristics of the “FEIYUE track and field”, this production apply to general lifestyle & leisure, training, running, especially for martial arts, military training. “FEIYUE track and field” has been successively awarded as excellent of the city-level, the ministerial-level and enjoy high reputation in sports circles, martial arts circles since it was put into production in 1963.

Located in West Zhongshan Road, Shanghai City, Shanghai Rubber Shoes Company Limited has a long history which can be dated back to the 1930s. But the brand FeiYue was not born until 1958. FeiYue was well known on the market but another brand Long registered earlier (in 1945, register number: 26557) was owned by the same company but with less fame. The original featured products of Long shoes are Marathon shoes.

Now, the main products of the brand Long are rubber shoes as well, with more modern and stylish designs. Like FeiYue shoes in western countries, the targeted customers of Long shoes are young people with fashion conscience. Be provided with the superior quality as FeiYue shoes, Long shoes have possessed even more personalities at the same time such its colorful and vigorous models which can express the intense emotion and vitality of the shoes wearer.

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