Shanghai Xusen Non-Halogen Smoke Suppressing Fire Retardants Co., Ltd.

As the member of China Fire Retardant Material Institute, we have specialized in manufacturing non-halogen smoke suppression fire retardants for many years.

Our company has developed continually for many years on organic synthetic non-halogen smoke suppression fire retardants, such as rubber, plastic, fiber and adhesives under the guide of advanced colleges and professional experts from scientific research institutes.

In recent years, there has appeared a “green” trend with the improvement of human’s environmental protection sense, which requires people to develop and use environmentally friendly products under the resource optimization configuration premise. This standard requires the products to be harmless to environment in the cyclic process of “production – transportation – storage – use – recycle – regeneration”. This is the “green” product which can guarantee human’s sustainable development strategy.

In China, one member of WTO, it has become the trend to develop and use non-halogen smoke suppression fire retardants, complying with our social development.

Non-halogen Smoke Suppression Fire Retardants have already replaced halogen Smoke Suppression Fire Retardants gradually because they can save 1/3 wastage. In this case, non-halogen system fire retardants have become our main products, produced according to RoHS standard.

Main Products:
Super-thin aluminum hydroxide, chemi-crystalline active aluminum hydroxide, active aluminum hydroxide, super-thin active magnesium hydroxide, zinc borate, MCA, cladding red phosphorus, ammonium polyphosphate (APP) cyclic-phosphoric acid ester, expansile fire retardant, super-thin pentaerythritol, super-thin dicyandiamide and more

All the above fire retardants feature the characteristics of fire retardant, smoke abatement and low toxic, but their specifications have to be changed based on various situations. We are willing to have a close beneficial cooperation with new and old customers. We devote ourselves to the non-halogen smoke suppression fire retardants for the sake of human security, environmental protection and economic sustainable development.

Our target: good quality and good credit are our priority to make all our clients satisfied.

Cyclic phosphonate,Melamine cyanurate (MCA),Clad Red Phosphorus Fire Retardant(FR-P),Ammonium Polyphosphate(APP),Magnesium Hydroxide,MCA,APPII,fire retardnats for coating,halogen free fire retardants,Aluminium Hydroxide,Zinc Borate,water-APP,fire retardnats for nylon,patented fire retardant,FR-308,FR-708,TPP,Talcum powder,Silica Micropowder,Coating Magnesium Hydroxide

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