Yancheng Ruize Colour Masterbatch Co., Ltd.

Yancheng Ruize Color Masterbatch Co,. Ltd is a lifeful and modern enterprise intergrating research, development, manufacture with sales. It was founded in 2004 and passed the ISO9001-2000 international Quality Control System certification in the same year. We have top technique, specialized process engineering and advanced devices, which make us be more competitive in demestic and even in the world.

Our company owns 14 main production lines, all products are produced by adopting the most advanced technology of wet ultra-fine grinding of predisperse pigment, using high-quality imported or demestic pigment and other materials as our raw materials with specialized process engineering, the annual production capacity reaches 3000 tons.

Our products cover PP Synthetic Fiber Masterbatch, PP Spun-bounded Nonwoven Masterbatch, PP Melt-blown Npnwoven Masterbatch, PP SMS Nonwoven Masterbatch, PP Functional Masterbatch, PET Synthetic Fiber Masterbatch, Pre-disperse pigment and so on.

Comparing with brother enterprise, our masterbatches have many advantages as follows:

Tinier Grain Size of Pigment
We use the grinding medium of which diameter is less than 0.8mm, and the diameter of ball-milling medium is less than 10mm, which ensure the fineness of grind to be under 1mu, the lowest fineness of grind is tiny enough for SMS production line., that is the grain size D90 less than 0.06mm or 60nm. So we are specialized enough to provide you kinds of color masterbatch to meet your different requirements.

Better Dispersity
Take our black masterbatch RPFC-13 as an example. Because of our better dispersity, the customer only need much less materials to clean the screwstem when change colors, and it will also delay the period of replacing filter net and spinneret plate or some other components. If using ordinary masterbatch, it has to replace these components every few days, each replacement should cost half or even a whole day, which brings the customer much waste on material, labour, electric power and some others. While using our masterbatch, the period of replacing the related components can be once every half month or even one month, meanwhile, the spinnability of our masterbatch is nice, no broken wire, no drooling, uniform distribution of denier, smooth texture is good, CV% data is perfect, which certainly make the breaking strength and the elongationatrupture are satisfying.

Better Compatibility
Comparing with ordinary masterbatch, our masterbatch will not stick to the spinneret plate, it is easy for the customers to clean the spinneret plate, and the color masterbatch will not dye on the drawing roller.

Bring Customers more Value
Low frequency of replacing filter net and other components means low waste, low cost. Regarding to 1 ton masterbatch, if one less replacement of components, customer can save US$300 to US$450, that means the price of masterbatch is less US$300 to US$450 per ton. Meanwhile, the quality of finished products will be better, so that the added value will be higher. In additional, customers can add as much filler materials as possible if they need, while it is not available when using other ordinary masterbatch.

We insist on the principle of Enterprise Development intergrating with Enviroment Protection, produce the masterbatches by adopting the most advanced technology of production process. The workshop is lean and bright, no dust, which can be a model in masterbatch industry.

Our masterbatches have been widely used in the SMS production line of American Nordson, Germany Reiphon, Italian STP, Peking Hongda, Wenzhou Changlong and so on. All of them can meet SMS requirements of hydrostatic pressure, Ventilation Property, Gram Weight, CV% data and etc. In a words, our products play a important role in the fields of high-end medical, health material and so on.

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